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I want to sell my home, but what is it worth?

The Edmonton Real Estate market has seen significant ups and downs over the past decade, and continues to experience fluctuations often, making it difficult to assess the value of your home.  As a trained professional, I have the expertise, the experience and the right tools to help you determine your home’s value accurately in today’s market, and to be able to net you the most in the shortest time possible.

The CMA, what is it?

The CMA, or the Comparative Market Analysis is a report that we will compile for you to be able to determine the most accurate value of your home in the current market, the report uses current listings in your immediate and adjoining areas, recently sold listings and many other factors such as size, age, upgrades, parking, exposure and etc. to determine the list price for your home.

How will you evaluate my property?

There are so many factors that contribute to the pricing of individual properties, we find that a tour of the property is much more conducive to an accurate determination of value compared to a generic number based on some broad parameters.  A personalized tour of your property would give us the opportunity to accurately assess pricing in comparison to other properties in the area, and give us a much better idea of the marketing strategy for your property.

Good news!

Our home tour, CMA and a marketing assessment is all offered to you completely FREE.  All we ask is your consideration in listing with us.  With no hassle listing and our 100% guarantee, you are in good hands.

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